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Fjellpulken Bedding Our Sleeper-series


Comfort will give you a better outdoor experience. Today there are several products that heightens the level om comfort in camp. The Fjellpulken Sleeper-series is definetaly in this category. 

Fjellpulken Sleepers are equiped width Cordura bottom layer, double RipStop-top layer and therefore ready for both the nice and the rough trips.

Fjellpulken Sleeper kommer i tre modeller

Fjellpulken Sleeper 200
Fjellpulken Slepper 200 SF m/sittefunksjon
Fjellpulken Spica Winter Camp m/sittefunksjon og mange utsyrslommer

The Fjellpulken Sleepers fits a fully inflated sleeping pad and a rolled-out sleeping bag ready for use. In addition they have several pockets on the outside where you can pack the stuff you need easy access to. Slide the packed Sleeper directly into your tent and you are set up in no time.


Fjellpulken Sleeper 200

Fjellpulken Sleeper 200 is our basic outdoor bedding model. This large bag fits your sleeping pad and sleeping bag ready for use.

The Sleeper 200 can be attached to the pulk with elastic rubber bands or straps and with this solution you will have the equipment ready in no time. It is made with separate romms for sleeping pad (one inflated or several uninflated) and the sleeping bag. It is also a room for a pillow together with a room for optional use.

  • 2 big pockets
  • 3 miedium pockets
  • Size: 200 x 67 cm
  • Weight: 1,4 kg


Fjellpulken Sleeper SF

Sleeper 200 SF (seating function) is designed with the feature that you are able to lift a part of the back so i creates a backrest. This makes your tent life much more convenient from eating to reading or other activities where it is convenient to sit up.

  • 2 big pockets on top
  • 3 medium pockets on top
  • Audjustable backrest for sitting
  • Anti slide inside for comfort
  • Size: 200 x 67 cm
  • Weight: 1,9 kg


Fjellpulken Spica Winter Camp System

Fjellpulken Spica Winter Camp System is our top model polar bedding system with integrated backrest for comfortable sitting. This large bag contains multiple rooms for equipment lik pre assembled tent, where you can have your sleeping pad and sleeping bag ready for use. Or put it into your rucksack. 

The Spica Winter Camp System fits a fully inflated sleeping pad and a rolled-out sleeping bag ready for use. In addition, it has a room for a rolled-up tent, tent pegs, canisters, food and thermos.

When empty it can fit in your rucksack.

  • Several pockets for equipment
  • Audjustable backrest for sitting
  • Anti slide inside for comfort
  • Waterproof coated top layer
  • Size: 200 x 67 cm
  • Weight: 2,5 kg


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New sleeper 200 SF N



Here is our brand new Sleeper which makes your outdoor experience super comfortable. It has a seating fuction that allows you to sit comfortably inside the tent or under the open sky!

Pack it in your backpack or fill it before trip for ready for quick access.



Order Fjellpulken Sleeper 200 SF

Fjellpulken Sleeper 200 SF



Line Victoria Sverdrup ENG



Meet Line Victoria Sverdrup


Arctic Heritage

Line Victoria Sverdrup is a girl from Bærum near Oslo who has lived her outdoor dream in Østerdalen valley with her boyfriend and their two Greenland dogs. Line is family related to polar explorer Otto Sverdrup, and is an adventurous girl with strong love for Polar dogs an Norwegian nature. 


Nature & media

Line Victoria has many passions in nature. From fishing and hunting to dog sledding. In addition she works as a freelance journalist for the Villmarksliv magazine. Now she has started studying journalism to be a even better at publicizing content about nature joy and environmental and nature protection. She shares many photos an videos from her trips and hikes on Instagram, where people of all ages can get inspired to enjoy outdoor life! 

Fjellpulken Ambassador

Fjellpulken has followed Lines adventures from she was young. When she was a little child, she was pulled by her family Greenland dogs in the children’s pulka. Now as a young woman, she goes cross country skiing with her Fjellpulken Xplorer and her strong Greenland dog Sarek.

Small and big expeditions

Fjellpulken is a natural  and steady companion in Line’s forthcoming small and big expeditions. The Children’s Pulka from Line was young still has a place at the family cottage. And it will be no surprise if it should be used to pull new young adventurers with Greenland dos pulling them. 




Line Victoria Sverdups blogg 









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